Sarah Franklyn

Helping your business or social enterprise connect to customers and channels through technology

Connect: verb, to join, link or fasten together; unite or bind.

Connection is a conscious act that brings people and or things closer together.

About Me

I once learned a great insight from a colleague, everyone you connect with has something to teach you. I simply aim to make every connection count for me and others.

People are the essence of connections in business and life. There are times that you need to help to make the right connections to customers, to ideas, new opportunities and new channels.
I have spent my career being the person that helps business and social enterprises make better connections through the application of technology, identifying new channels, ideas, applications and opportunities, and leveraging my marketing and commercial experience to drive a better result.

My Work

Bringing organisations whether commercial, not for profit or profit for purpose closer to their customers or stakeholders is a key skill set of mine.

As a passionate technologist, I am always on the lookout for technology and tools that help people connect more closely. As the Director of Sales and Marketing at Impact Data, I am in the privileged position to help our clients connect with their customers and use these insights to stay connected and build their business.
As most of my career has been in services, I firmly believe that building great customer strategies means building great relationships. Being more than a vendor, being a business partner is the key to my customer philosophy.

How I can help you

Connect with me if you are:

    • A loyalty or marketing professional who wants to connect with peers
    • A business owner or customer professional who wants to learn more about how to leverage customer data to drive busines
    • An event organiser who wants an experienced speaker to help business professionals learn to extract more value from their customer data
    • A social enterprise, community or sporting organisation in Melbourne's inner west looking for support
    • A Community Bank director who wants to share and collaborate about what makes Community Banking special


Some of the customers I am proud to have worked for across my career

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